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traffic signs at an intersection, at Lakeshore Blvd East, two one way signs pointing in the opposite directions, an elevated expressway also in the picture

“There’s more than one way” describes the above picture quite nicely but it’s probably a stretch to say that it’s  relevant to this blog post at all.   Not that that’s ever stopped me!  The other day I stood at this intersection (Lakeshore and Sherbourne I think) trying to decide which way to go.  I went straight ahead because that’s what the traffic signal told me to do.  I obeyed.  “When in doubt, go with the green light”, is one of my ‘rules’ when I’m walking.

below: The artistry of hydro towers and wires framed by the Lakeshore and the Gardiner.

a view between the Gardiner and Lakeshore with the roads framing the top and bottom of the picture. Hydro towers and wires are the main part of the image

below: Shattered glass

shattered glass still in place

below: Part of “Site Specific” by Scott Eunson & Marianne Lovink, on Sumach Street at Eastern Ave.

rusted metal cut out, part of a public art installation, cut outs look like houses, polished steel cutouts below the rusty ones.

below: The view inside the streetcar.  A new 514 Cherry car was wrapped in a light blue ad.
I have no idea what it was advertising.

looking into the window of a streetcar, people sitting,

below: There are a number of this “eye” balls in the playground part of Sherbourne Common.

a large white sphere with a black circle in the middle, on a metal pole. Background is out of focus

below: Changing the billboard.  The image is printed on a large piece of vinyl (plastic? something similar?) and held to the frame by ropes.   Or at least that’s what it looked like.  It was quite a distance up so it was difficult to see exactly what they were doing.

two men are changing the ad on a very large billboard. One man is below and the other is above and he is passing a long rope to man below.

below:  Graffiti.  Two words.  In yellow.

in yellow paint, graffiti, words fuck trump written on a metal box on a sidewalk

below: Chairs.   Blue chairs.  Three blue chairs plus one reflection.

three old blue plastic chairs with metal rusty legs sit on the concrete porch of a commercial building. Windows behind them. one of the chairs is reflected in the window

below: A drab door on a drab wall.

drab double glass doors on a drab light brown brick building with a sign that says public parking with arrows pointing to the door, The sign is above the door.

below:  An entrance to a different parking lot.

looking through a parking garage to a lighted entrance with people carrying bags and returning to their cars

below: Numbers on the concrete.

close up of the side of a concrete structure on a ramp of an expressway, there are two number sequences there. In stencil it says R42-78 and in stickers, AJ48

below: More numbers.  Another code that I can’t crack.

black and orange construction cone site beside a kerb on which numbers have been spray painted in orange

below: Stonework details on an old bank building.

architectural details on an old bank building, a fancy column top (ionic?), some carvings in the stone work.

below: Another old building – now that the north building of the St. Lawrence market has been demolished, the rear of the St. Lawrence Hall has been exposed.  It’s quite a pretty building.

the rear of the old St. Lawrence Hall building, with a bright blue wood hoarding fence in front of it. a woman is walking past

below: Interior, St. Lawrence market

the interior of the St. Lawrence market, looking towards the north entrance, with the large arched window over the doorway

below: And when you’re in front of the St. Lawrence market, isn’t it obligatory to take a picture of the Gooderham building?   A Toronto iconic view.

the Gooderham building, built in the flatiron style, with glass towers behind it, downtown Toronto

below: Another icon, the CN Tower, as seen through the Distillery District from Cherry Street.
That’s a fabulous orange door!

Cherry street entrance to the distrillery district, looking west towwards the CN tower, brick road, overhead lights, bright orange door in the background,

below: Postage stamp art at 234 Adelaide East by Joanne Tod and Jon Reed.  The whole installation includes 12 images including a 1930 painting by Lawren Harris (2nd on the left) which was issued in 1967.   To the right of it is a stamp honouring the Alouette 2 research satellite.  In between those stamps is Queen Elizabeth, a fixture on Canadian stamps for so many years.   The old post office which was built in 1834 is nearby.

public art in front of a condo building that is a ribbon made of metal, flat, etched with a series of vintage Canadian postage stamps images

below: Walls.  Shored up walls of the construction hole in front of a wall of glass.

a blue crane inside a hole that is a construction site for a new condo, with many glass tower condos in the background.

below: Last, symmetrical? steps in the buildings.

a building under construction in front of another building


May all your lights be green!

The art of CubeWorks
now showing at Art/Exp gallery in the Distillery District

 CubeWorks is a group of artists that use unconventional materials to create images.  They are known for the art that they create using Rubik’s cubes but they also use crayons, lego blocks, records, dice, guitar picks, spools of thread, and other mixed media. The pictures below are just a sample.

below: A copy of ‘The Creation of Adam’ that Michaelangelo painted on the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel ceiling in the early 1500’s.  This image is made with 12,090 hand twisted Rubik’s cubes.

A copy of Michaelangelo's painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, The Creation of Adam where God is giving life to man with the meeting of finger tips.

below: On a smaller scale, Space Invaders made with 20 cubes.

Little green space invaders from the old video game made of Rubiks cubes, green space invaders on blue background.

below: Artworks made of crayons, LOVE and a smoking gun.
Each square is 12″ x 12″ and contains just over 1000 crayons.

An image of the famous LOVE red letters in a black and blue square, this one is made of red, black and blue crayons on end.

An image of a smoking revolver that is pointed at the viewer.  It is made from 9 squares and each square is filled with crayons on their ends.  The background is red crayons, the smoke is yellow crayons.

An image of a smoking revolver that is pointed at the viewer.  It is made from 9 squares and each square is filled with crayons on their ends.  The background is red crayons, the smoke is yellow crayons.  A close up of some of the squares to show the crayons more clearly.

below:  The Joker’s face, made with spools of thread, hangs from the ceiling.

An image of the Joker's face made with spools of thread hangs from the ceiling.

below: Images made with old broken record albums, Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison

image of Amy Winehouse made from broken records on a background that is a collage of newpaper pieces.

image of Jim Morrison, the guitar player from Doors, his head with facial features painted in black but his hair is made with broken records.

Gallery sign on the exterior of a brick building, square sign with purplish background.  Art Exp is the name of the gallery

More information on CubeWorks


It was a beautiful sunny holiday Monday.  I spent a short time at the distillery district with a friend.  A cold drink, seventy different arts & crafts vendors from Ontario and Quebec, and a magic show, added up to a  pleasant couple of hours.



pieces of felt in blue, red, grey and yellow hanging in a vendor's stall at an arts and crafts fair

A number of vendors were selling clothing, wall hangings, and other items, made from interesting fabrics.


A man is selling T-shirts with scenes of Toronto on them.  He is talking to a woman who is looking at the t-shirts.

T-shirts with Toronto scenes…. the skyline, a wall from Ossington subway station, a bench at Runnymede, a street car, and other Toronto scenes.  For more designs see Oula Design at


Piles of bookmarks  made from metal and colourful stones that have been organized in containers.

Bookmarks made from metal and colourful stones.


a light blue onesie with a diagram of a pair of lungs silkscreened on it.

Clothing with silkscreened or embroidered body parts on them made by Sylwanka Clothing. A onesie with lungs, and behind it panties with something else.


little pillows for sale that have the words "Do Not Disturb" embroidered on them

Do Not Disturb the pillows


Max the magician uses his magic wand to tap on a lemon.

Max the magician and his grand finale involving 3 cups, 3 little baseballs, one large baseball, a melon, numerous oranges and a twenty dollar bill in a lemon. The girl in purple was so expressive throughout the show – she was quiet but her body language was marvellous.


I hear that they are about to be exes.  Maybe it had something to do with his balls......

I hear that they are about to be exes. Maybe it had something to do with his balls……


four children sitting on the ground and watching a magic show.  Three are smiling, one is looking skeptical.

One is more skeptical than the others! (watching Max’s magic show)


3 legs - one with black pants, two with black & silver pants.  A black and white purse too.

… and of course there was people watching!

Artfest shows are held a few times a year in both Toronto and Kingston.  For more information on Artfest, check their website!


Corkin Gallery sign on green door

Thank-you to the Corkin Gallery for letting a group of us take photos in their gallery. The Corkin Gallery is located in a renovated tank house in the Distillery District and some of the old architectural features of the original building remain.

Large red heart on the upper level of the gallery.

It looks like a stove top! Detail of a painting.

Modern art on old brick.

Detail of painting. Unfortunately I didn’t make note of the names of the artists or the titles of the paintings – lesson learned.